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Herkimer County Local Foods Map

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Herkimer County produces the Herkimer County Local Foods Map each year. It began in 2002 as a ‘Farm Produce and Tourism’ map, switching over to exclusively local food in 2009.

The objective of creating this map has been to connect producers with consumers of local foods that are grown/produced in Herkimer County. We list producers on the map at no cost. Farms have enough expenses, so the free advertising that we provide is one less thing they have to pay for. There is no paid advertising on the map, allowing more room to highlight the items produced in our county.

We know that there are many benefits to eating local foods. Fresher foods taste better and are often more nutritious than foods that have traveled many miles and days to get to our table. This also helps preserve farming as a livelihood and rural landscapes as farmland. When we buy directly from local producers, our dollars stay within our community and strengthen the local economy. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed empty shelves at grocery stores. Purchasing directly from a local farmstand eliminated the supply chain issues that plagued the big chain stores.

Herkimer County Farm Produce and Tourism Map covers
Local Foods Maps fanned out on top of each other

Beginning with the 2016 edition, we began using photos from producers or farmers’ markets listed on the map with permission from them. Over the years, we’ve been able to showcase a beautiful display of the diverse products grown right here in our county.

Folks call us at CCE looking for the map year-round. We have 5,000 maps printed each year to distribute to approximately eighty locations around Herkimer County. You can find them at libraries, farmers’ markets, campgrounds, food pantries, directly from producers on the map, other businesses, and right in our CCE office.

Click here to find the pdf version of the map. You can also view our Google Map there, and get detailed directions to local producers if needed.

For the past 15 years, funding for this map has been provided in part through a grant from Herkimer County Mental Health through the Farm Family Assistance Project.

For more information on Local Foods in Herkimer County, see the CCE website. We also have information there on the Herkimer County Farmers’ MarketsFood Preservation ResourcesFood Safety and much more!

– CCE Herkimer County Staff