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Augur-Doody Farm

One of the core strengths of American agriculture is the family farm, according to the USDA’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, about 96% of the 2.04 million farms in the United States are family-owned. Despite economic and technical changes, family farms continue to be the backbone of American agriculture. The farm of Patrick and Amy Doody […]

Insight Dairy, LLC

By anyone’s accounting, agriculture is a tough business. Dairy farmers make their living through hard work, good luck and a whole lot of knowledge about subjects as diverse as economics, herd health and management, implement and heavy truck maintenance as well as basic human resource skills are just a few of the skills that Chris […]

Gardens and Food Security

Jessica Ladley “Jessica Ladley of West Winfield awoke one perfectly weathered day to find that her lawn had erupted into the most magnificent garden…” …that’s the way I wish to begin this story, and so I have. Standing within the boundaries of marigolds, time slowed as I snapped a photo of a bee lighting on […]

Tackling Tick Troubles

As we are enjoying an unseasonably warm early spring in the Mohawk Valley, it brings with it an unwelcome guest – ticks. Usually ticks don’t become active in the environment until late April through October, but the current weather conditions have led to a spike in the tick population. If you enjoy walking in the […]

Preparing Your Vegetable Garden Soil

Early spring is the time to turn our attention to one of the most crucial aspects of successful gardening: soil preparation. A healthy and well-nourished soil sets the stage for vibrant plants and abundant harvests. In this post, we’ll delve into the essential steps for preparing your vegetable garden soil to ensure optimal growth and […]

Enhancing Access to Fresh Produce

There has been a growing emphasis on the importance of access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables for promoting healthy diets and combating food insecurity. Farmers’ markets play a crucial role in providing communities with access to nutritious produce while also supporting local farmers and economies. One significant factor contributing to the accessibility of […]

Tractor Safety Certification

4-H Youth Development provides Tractor and Machinery Certification for youth 14 years and older. This certification allows 14 and 15-year-olds to legally operate tractors and machinery while off the family farm. Farm safety awareness is a major focus. Since 1969, the U.S. Department of Labor has declared many agricultural tasks to be hazardous to youth […]

Taking a Break From the Farm

As a farmer, the idea of vacationing might seem as foreign as those little umbrellas in fancy drinks. Yet, it’s essential for your well-being. Vacationing is not just about relaxation; it’s about reducing stress and preventing burnout, especially when you’re responsible for a farm.Research shows that vacations can factor into a successful strategy for reducing […]

Getting Ready for Spring by Garden Planning & Seed Starting

Here in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York, where the winters are long and the growing season is short, seed starting for vegetable gardens is a great way to insure gardening success and expand your harvest. With a climate characterized by chilly springs and unpredictable frosts, starting seeds indoors offers gardeners a head start […]

Herkimer County Local Foods Map

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Herkimer County produces the Herkimer County Local Foods Map each year. It began in 2002 as a ‘Farm Produce and Tourism’ map, switching over to exclusively local food in 2009. The objective of creating this map has been to connect producers with consumers of local foods that are grown/produced in Herkimer […]