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Fall Gratitude

This past Sunday afternoon, my husband took the kids out for those few, last minute back-to-school things. Suddenly, for the first time in weeks, I had space. I took to the kitchen, canning the salsa I’d made 2 days before, anticipating how much we’ll enjoy the spicy taste of summer once we’re knee deep in […]

Celebrating National Pollinator Week

A Buzzworthy Initiative in Herkimer County! National Pollinator Week, observed annually in June, is a time to recognize the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystem and the importance of protecting their habitats. In the Mohawk Valley, this celebration takes on special significance, as our region boasts a rich biodiversity and a diverse range […]

Food Traditions in Herkimer County

Preserving Herkimer County’s Flavorful Heritage. Herkimer County is not only known for its beautiful, flowing landscape and historical significance but also for the culinary traditions of the different peoples that have made the Mohawk Valley their home. The county’s rich food traditions reflect the diverse cultural heritage of the region, incorporating elements from the Mohawk, […]

Mat Kay Maple

I have enjoyed seeing Mat Kay Maple’s sugar house during my late-day commute, eaves alight in the dusky haze. The structure stood at the center of sap-line networks, looking as though it was always meant to be there. The maples in the surrounding forest transitioned from old-growth forest into younger trees, all supporting the sugaring […]